Donald Trump warned Toyota to face heavy border taxes on cars made in Mexico

US president-elect Donald Trump has alarmed Toyota with a tweet that it will have to face hefty tariffs on cars built in Mexico for the US market if it manufacture Corollas south of the border.

He said the Japanese giant would have to pay much larger “big border tax” if such plan went ahead.

During his election campaign and even after American car makers have faced severe criticism from Mr Trump for making cars more economically outside the US.

Meanwhile Toyota’s President Akio Toyoda announced that the company had no instant plans to hault production in Mexico.

“We will consider our option as we see what policies the incoming president adopts,” said Mr Toyoda, speaking in Japan on Thursday.

The company’s US body issued a statement saying production and employment levels at Toyota in the US would not drop as a result of the new plant in Mexico. The company has 10 manufacturing plants in the US.

“Toyota looks forward to collaborating with the Trump Administration to serve in the best interests of consumers and the automotive industry,” the statement said.

Furthermore in response Japan’s trade minister Hiroshige Seko, said in a statement on Friday, that the new US administration needed to recognize that his country’s auto industry “has greatly contributed to the US economy”.

Not just Toyota Mr Trump has already targeted American carmakers General Motors and Ford for making cars in Maxico.

Following the statement about Ford, Us giant cancelled its plans for a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico and said it would swell operations in the US instead, but said this was due to market deliberations.

In mid-2015 Japanese giant Toyota revealed to build a $1 billion Corolla factory in central Mexico.

Toyota’s Smart Key Box – No More Car Keys


Sounds like a flashy idea when we no more have to worry about the keys. Yes, Toyota has got us rid of the key’s hassle just with a click.

Toyota has introduced a device – Smart Key Box – which enables people to locate and start up their cars with their smartphones with the secured codes.

Toyota has announced last week that it will partner in service with Getaround, to work on a pilot project a Smart Key Box – a device which will let people access and start up their cars with their smartphones – The display of Toyota’s Smart Device was a showoff where a car will be tested with the device to unlock and start up.

As the population of cities grow, and with consumer’s low buying power capacity, auto-companies predict shrinking market for cars to be bought giving a rise to car sharing tendency.

BMW has already been successful in its ReachNow car sharing service resulting in a viable profitability. Thus, BMW is now gearing more to a new emerging urban market for its Maven car sharing expansion.

Toyota says its Smart Key Box “can be placed in a vehicle without modification,” enabling engine start and door lock access.

Now in order to get this service, a driver needs to finance the car with a loan along the app installed on his Smartphone.

The app can be connected to Toyota’s cloud-based Mobility Services Platform, with the scheduled loan scheme, periodical payments for which the car has been set up for.

Whenever the car detects the range of a car via Bluetooth connectivity, it automatically encrypts secret code to unlock the car, thus the user has the permitted access to use the car with push-button ignition. However, the unlock code will be active for a set time period for which the car been set up to use. In addition, the user can extend this service by renewing the loan for the app.

The Smart Key Box is due to be launched on Getaround Pilot Program in January, 2017 in San Francisco. This technology will give Toyota a leading edge to let cars available with either its partners or its own shared fleet.