International Business Machine (NYSE:IBM) topped the patent list for 24th successive year

Computing hardware giant International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM) efforts to compete and beat the human brain with computing technology had pushed the firm to the top of the 2016 list of patent awards.

The IBM and IFI Claims revealed on Monday that the US Patent and Trademark Office settled IBM 8,088 patents for the year, more than 2,700 of them stemming from artificial intelligence and intellectual computing work.

Next down on the list was Samsung with 5,518 patents, Canon with 3,665, Qualcomm with 2,897 and Google with 2,835.

According to reports, the USPTO approved 304,126 patents in 2016 in total, 10% more than the year before.

Meanwhile patents are an imperfect measure of competence in research, development, novelty and eventually business success.

It is not something very simple and ordinary, it surely takes a massive staff and a lot of intellectual-property lawyers to stay high on the list, so companies won’t make it up the list no matter how successful. In the meantime, many patent ideas never get materialized, or worse, emerge in a patent troll’s sketchy legal action trying to snatch licensing fees from big companies.

However, patents remain an important replication of how much a firm is spending at the moment into the upcoming technology. Another notable factor is that IBM beat the list for the 24th year in a row.

Moreover the company was granted 10% more patents in 2016 than 2015, but some others firms grew faster. No. 6 Intel augmented 34% to 2,784, while No. 14 Amazon surged 46% to 1,662, sufficient to drive it up 12 places in contrast to the 2015 list.

IPhone-maker giant Apple remained at its No. 11 rank but raised its patent haul 8% to 2,102.